Game Effect Tutorial – Liquid Shape Design – Water, Blood,… Effect


Game Effect Tutorial – How to draw water and liquid with good shape and color.

📢 This tutorial about game effect shows you how I designed the liquid shape for impact, explosive or splash effects. Use for both 2D and 3D Effect in Unity and for Stylized Visual for your game

These texture painted for practice and will be use in game effect concept and will animate it as water, goo or blood effect With Color over lifetime module of Particle System we can control color for effect if the texture painted in grayscale

Step 1 – Base Color
Step 2 – Foam
Step 3 – Shadow
Final step: Apply on shape and practice



 Use these steps for smoke


Use these steps for fire


🔥 DucVu FX is a Youtube channel creating and sharing game effect tutorial, game effect asset for Unity3D also 2D Animation and 3D Animation for game.
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